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Certifying Management Seminars

Certifying Management Seminars

Certifying Management Seminars

Certified Management Seminars
These seminars are designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills of managers coping with new responsibilities or business challenges.

The seminars incorporate the behavioral, managerial and strategic dimensions of leading a team or business.

Seminars are divided in four to six modules of one day and a half , so enabling executives to manage their professional schedules along with the training imperatives.

Each module combines an assignment, a formal course presentation and an interactive workshop or business simulation. An IUM certificate is delivered at the end of the program.

IUM Partnership in Executive Education & Certified Track in Luxury Management

IUM welcomes Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS) students in specific Luxury Management Courses, that complete their Indian Curriculum. Within the LCBS Post Graduate Program, the Indian Students spend a 3 month term at the International University of Monaco, and attend courses like Design Thinking, Merchandising, Digitalization and Retailization of major brands … This immersion within the heart of the European Luxury gives them a unique exposure and insight on the Premium and Luxury European Brands . At the end of the term, the LCBS students receive an IUM certificate of successful completion for the courses and exams they have successfully complete (Read more on our blog).